Build Your Own Community Fridge - Instructional Booklet

EYRC’s design for the Leimert Park Community Fridge was always intended as a public resource for adaptation, modification and experimentation. As such, we are happy to announce the release of a companion booklet with a full list of supplies, material cost breakdown and three modular sizing options, now available to download as a free PDF.


In 2021, EYRC’s Design Justice Committee worked with organizers from Los Angeles Community Fridges (LACF) to create a structure that could protect and expand storage for the Leimert Park Community Fridge, with the explicit goal of creating a replicable, easy-to-build model that could be adopted across different neighborhoods.

Material cost at the time of fabrication in early 2021 was $1,700. The estimated labor time for the largest three-module option is 60 hours for a team of 3-4.




The Design Justice Committee (DJC) is a self-organized group within EYRC Architects formed in the summer of 2020. The Leimert Park Community Fridge was one of the DJC’s earliest and most ambitious projects, and marked its intent towards measurable, non-tokenistic gestures of solidarity. Over the course of multiple DJC design charrettes, the Leimert Park organizers provided feedback and made all final decisions.

The Community Fridge project team ultimately came to include over a third of all EYRC Los Angeles-based staff. 3 designers laid out the final modular design concept, with over 10 additional staff joining in at the fabrication and installation stages.