Steps away from the Pacific Ocean, this house is nestled into a small residential community in Orange County. The building is massed to address the street as well as turned to take advantage of the southern, ocean view. With a street curving down to the beach, the house is given a direct view corridor to the water.



The design utilizes the slope of the site to bury the garage and service spaces underground, allowing the building profile to remain as low as possible. This orientation allows a clear ocean view not only from the living space but from the rear yard as well.

Emerald Bay

At 4,000 sq. ft, the house accommodates 3 bedrooms, and a living, dining, kitchen space. A ribbon of concrete frames the first-floor volume with pocketing sliding glass doors along the front and back façade.

Emerald Bay

The backyard includes a triangular shaped spa to accentuate the angular moves of the house. Landscaping creates geometric patterns in the front and rear yard using a triangular motif throughout the project in water and planting.

Emerald Bay

The second-floor volume is defined by a wooden shell incasing operable screens, giving the upper floor a semi-solid appearance. The screens open onto a generous roof deck for the family to enjoy their view and take advantage of the temperate climate.

Emerald Bay
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  • Emerald Bay
  • Laguna Beach, CA
  • 2022
  • unbuilt
  • 4,000 sf