Mighty House

Mighty House
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The Mighty House ADU series designed by EYRC Architects utilizes 3D printing technology to create an affordable, net zero modular home.

Mighty House Side View
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To help relieve the current housing crisis throughout California, these simple yet elegant structures can be used as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and built on any site where the zoning allows.

Mighty House Exterior

The affordable price point in comparison to typical housing costs, and the speed from purchase to installation are meant to disrupt the housing market in a positive way.

Mighty House Entrance
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Using cutting edge 3D printing technology, this design aims to surpass today’s conventional construction methods and challenges the notion of how our buildings are built in the future.

Mighty House Back
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Construction technology company Mighty Buildings is rapidly innovating the construction industry such that the high-performance walls, floors, and roofs will all be 3D printed as modules within a factory setting prior to transport and assembly on site. In addition, the bathroom/mechanical pod will be a prefabricated unit nested within Mighty House.

Mighty House Layout

The 2-module, 3-module, and 4-module schemes range from 864 to 1,440 square feet and were developed to address site flexibility and meet the specific needs of various owners.

Mighty House Backyard
test site: california temperate coniferous forests biome

The Mighty House is designed to be net zero in any configuration/orientation, on any site in California, and includes solar panels on the roof.

Mighty House Design

This modular house design features a unique skylight detail that reveals the 3D printed hexagonal roof structure. The skylight casts intricate light patterns on the 3D printed Lightweight Stone Material wall creating a beautiful changing effect throughout the day.

Mighty House Interior

The casework and detailing of the interior spaces are subtle and contemporary, integrating details and materials used in many custom home projects.

Mighty House Pool
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  • Mighty House
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  • Mighty Buildings
  • 2021
  • In Design
  • 864 to 1,440 square feet
  • EYRC Works - Architect of Record
    Buro Happold
  • 2020 Southern California Development Forum Design Awards