Produce LA

Produce LA is a ground-up mixed-use development consisting of three floors of creative office, a dynamic ground floor containing creative office space as well as restaurant and retail spaces, all underneath an activated rooftop that captures sweeping views of Downtown Los Angeles’ skyline and the Arts District neighborhood.

Produce LA

The building will sit atop two levels of subterranean parking, a rarity in the Arts District, bolstered by an adjacent 64-stall surface lot located on the eastern half of the 71,483 sf parcel.

Produce LA
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Produce LA

The shell+core office building is designed to respond to the industrial context of the Arts District, utilizing an economical corrugated steel panel in a contemporary way.

Produce LA

The patterning of the facade also helps protect the building from solar radiation, the pattern was optimized after solar studies, which in return decreased the amount of costly glazing.

Produce LA
Produce LA
Produce LA
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  • Produce LA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2021
  • In Construction
  • Continuum - Developer
    Studio Public - Renderings