On a rare piece of protected land in an estuary of the Carmel River lies the serene Ribera Road residence. The family’s vacation home featured immaculate views of the mountains, Carmel River Valley and the ocean.

The single-story renovated home celebrates the duality of varying microclimates with a fluid indoor-outdoor floorplan. With a gently sloping site, the design allowed the natural, subtle curves of the land to dictate the flow, with many of the human-built elements acting as unobtrusive additions to the celebrated topography.

Rough, warm sandstone is juxtaposed against pristine floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, both playful in different moments of sunlight.

An infinity pool promotes holistic wellness for all generations, with the tile edges being comprised of three blue hues that speak to the shades of the sun when it hits the water, depending on the time of day. The cascading series of outdoor decks tempt the family and visitors towards the beach below.  

Despite the home being a complicated renovation, the design team was able to achieve many impactful, sustainable initiatives including a reduced embodied carbon footprint. Large openings allow for natural light and ventilation, while generous overhangs shield from solar heat gain. In-floor radiant heating runs off electric power, much of which is generated by the photovoltaics on the project’s roof. 

The Ribera Road residence celebrates all the site has to offer with 180 degree views; a welcoming and sustainable refuge that continues to unveil the beauty and intricacy of its place.

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  • Ribera Road
  • Carmel, CA
  • 2023
  • Complete
  • 3260
  • De Mattei Construction, Inc. - Contractor
    Andrea Cochran - Landscape Architect
    Landset Engineers, Inc. - Civil Engineer
    BKG - Structural Engineer
  • Matthew Millman