Robertson Branch Library

Robertson Branch Library

The Robertson Branch Library is situated on a busy Los Angeles strip, where apartments, billboards and commercial structures clamor for attention. The design for this community facility breaks the monotony of an efficient rectangular footprint with a bold pre-weathered copper element that soars above the otherwise modest two-story structure.

Robertson Branch Library Exterior

From the exterior the component acts as a marketing device - announcing the library's presence, increasing attendance and inviting patrons to read and gather.

Robertson Branch Library Interior

Inside, the dramatic two-story volume serves as the central organizing element and contains a curving stairway of steel and stone that draws visitors up to the second floor.

Robertson Branch Library Staircase

Located on a tight site, approximately three-quarters of the ground plane was allocated for surface parking and vehicular access. As a result the majority of the library's programmatic spaces are elevated. Public zones are located on the second floor and radiate from the central staircase. This synergy enlivens the simple reading rooms and physically connects the library to the ground place, sidewalk and local community.

Robertson Branch Library Stairs
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  • Robertson Branch Library
  • Los Angeles. CA
  • City of Los Angeles
  • 1997
  • Complete
  • 11,000 sf
  • Allee Construction - Construction
    Kim Casey & Harase, Inc. - MEP
    BLS Environmental Design - Landscape
    William Koh - Structural
  • Tom Bonner
  • 2001 AIA|National American Library Association
  • 1998 AIA Los Angeles, Distinguished Building Award
  • Los Angeles Business Council
  • 1997 LA Cultural Affairs Commission
  • 2001 Library Administration + Management
  • 2008 Architecture