San Diego Lab/Office Building

This lab and office is one of two life science/office spaces EYRC is concurrently designing in San Diego. 

Designed primarily as a flexible core-and-shell solution for future tenants, the building hopes to accommodate one or more of the many life science companies that are rapidly moving to the area. The facility includes 210,000 sf of office/lab space across four stories, as well as four additional levels of underground parking.

The simple board-formed concrete, brick and plaster structure is complemented by a modern, sculptural metal mesh screen that wraps the majority of the publicly facing façade. This soft curtain-like sculptural piece begins at the main entrance on the north façade and leads to a semi-private sunken outdoor courtyard.

An outdoor café seating area sits next to a walking path that weaves through a grove of existing mature trees on the south side, providing tranquil areas for mental respite.

In the entry lobby, a suspended wood slat ceiling cloud creates a more intimate experience within the soaring fifteen-foot-high space.

The lobby space also nods to the surrounding eucalyptus: a mural emulating its unique tree bark patterns in soft, subtle tones wrap around the walls and portions of the floor deck’s undersides.

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  • San Diego Lab/Office Building
  • San Diego, CA
  • SteelWave
  • 2024
  • In Design
  • 210,000 sf