Mighty House | Palm Desert, CA

The Mighty House™ Quatro is a modular design for a Net Zero home that utilizes 3D printing and parametric design to achieve livability and resilience on a mass-produced scale. 

The design combines 3D printed walls and other prefabricated elements into a ‘Mighty House Kit-of-Parts,’ reducing construction waste by 99%. The +/- 1,000-sf, two-bedroom two-bathroom Mighty House™ Quatro can be assembled in approximately four months – two times faster than a traditional home of similar quality.

Wall panels are printed using the client’s proprietary fast-curing, 60% recycled composite stone material. 

The rest of the kit includes prefabricated kitchen cabinets, bathroom pods, windows, roof cassettes and unitized mechanical systems. The kit is then transported to its respective site for installation onto a site-built foundation.

Mighty House™ was designed for scalability and mass production from its earliest stages. While the first 40-unit development is currently under construction in Southern California, the project’s factory-built housing permit applies across all U.S. jurisdictions.

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  • Mighty House
  • Palm Desert, CA
  • Mighty Buildings
  • 2022
  • Complete
  • 864 - 1,440 sf
  • Paul Vu
  • 2020 Southern California Development Forum Design Awards